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Audio Guest Book Hire

A picture is worth a 1000 words however, a 1000 spoken words are absolutely priceless.

Ditch the traditional pen and paper guestbook and say 'hello' to the future of making treasured memories - the Audio Guest Book.

Just imagine being able to listen to your loved ones voices 20 years from now? And to relive that emotion from your special day. Be it a heartfelt message from beloved grandparents that are sadly no longer with us, or hilarious drunken voicemails from old college pals, our audio guest books record messages that you'll want to listen to and cherish for evermore.

Capture the sounds of your celebrations!

How it works

Select from one of our stylish vintage telephones:

  1. Simply lift the receiver, listen to the hosts personalised pre recorded message.
  2. After the beep guests record their messages of well wishes, congratulations or even sing a song!
  3. When finished place the handset back onto its cradle and the recording is safely stored.
  4. After your celebrations we will retrieve your recordings and send them to you via your chosen option.

Here's to the future of making memories!